Parking changes and charges for FY2013

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On March 19, 2012

Significant changes will be happening on campus regarding parking beginning in April:

  • The two gravel parking lots near the football field will be reconstructed and paved.
  • A small parking lot will be constructed by the Campus Support Facility (CSF).
  • The large parking lot by the Quadrangle will be reconstructed.
  • The large parking lot by CSF will be demolished for the construction of the new chemical and biological engineering building.
  • The parking lot at Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building will be reconstructed.
  • The parking lots across from Emerson Hall will be reconstructed.
  • The large parking lot near the ERL will be reconstructed.
  • Multiple parking lots will be disrupted throughout the rest of this calendar year due to the geothermal project.

These factors, coupled with the increase in student population and higher demand for parking, result in fewer available parking spaces overall. Due to the reduced capacity of parking spaces and the increasing number of licensed university vehicles, the Parking Committee has decided to charge each department for their licensed university vehicles. Beginning in FY2013, all departments that have licensed university vehicles will be charged the annual rate for a parking permit per vehicle (including trailers).
Contact parking lot operations with any questions at 341-4303 or

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On March 19, 2012. Posted in Announcements