MinerBUCKS special offer announced

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On June 6, 2011

Chartwells is offering a limited MinerBUCKS summer special. Receive a 10 percent bonus on purchases of $100 or more or a five percent bonus on purchases of $25 or more through Friday, June 10.

What are MinerBUCKS?
MinerBUCKS is a program where members of the Missouri S&T community can pre-load their S&T ID card with money. Users use their ID cards to purchase food from any Chartwells dining location on the S&T campus. This includes Einstein Brother’s Bagels, MinerBreak (Starbucks) Cafe at the library, Coyote Jack’s Grill, the Havener Center Food Court, TJ Dining Hall, and Rayl Dining Hall. In addition, MinerBUCKS can be used to order Papa John’s pizza delivered to campus.
What are the benefits to MinerBUCKS?
– Up to a 10 percent bonus on your purchase
– Special incentives for MinerBUCKS users
– Don’t have to carry cash
– Don’t lose your parking spot
– Convenient locations on campus
– MinerBUCKS never expire
How do I purchase MinerBUCKS?
1) Go online and click on Meal Plans -> Purchase a plan
2) Go to the Chartwells Dining office located at 205 W. 12th St. (residential life office)
3) Stop by any register and purchase directly from our cashiers
If you have any questions, contact Michael Wuest at mdw89b@mst.edu.

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On June 6, 2011. Posted in Announcements