Outstanding advising nominees announced

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On April 5, 2010

Congratulations to the following nominees for the Outstanding Academic Advising Awards:
Outstanding Academic Advisor-Faculty
Dr. Diana Ahmad, associate professor, history and political science
Dr. Mehdi Ferdowsi, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering
Dr. Shubhen Kapila, professor, chemistry
Dr. Douglas Ludlow, professor, chemical and biological engineering
Dr. Ilene Morgan, associate professor, mathematics and statistics
Julie Parker, coordinator of student services/records, registrar’s office
Dr. Chris Ramsay, Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter Advisor, mines and metallurgy
Dr. Stephen Raper, associate professor, engineering management and systems engineering
Dr. Mark Schlesinger, professor, materials science and engineering
Dr. William Showalter, associate professor, civil, architectural and environmental engineering
Dr. Jeffrey Smith, associate professor, materials science and engineering
Dr. Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering.
Outstanding Academic Advisor-Staff
Shelly Maedgen, administrative assistant, registrar’s office
Priscilla Winner, administrative assistant, freshman engineering.
The Outstanding Academic Advising Awards program recognizes contributions to the continual improvement of S&T’s educational environment. It also encourages greater support of campus advising activities, reinforces the importance of advising excellence, and provides incentives and motivation to improve the relationship between students, faculty and staff. The award will be given to four faculty members and one staff advisor.
Nominations are currently being reviewed by the awards committee. The winners will be announced prior to the awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 13.

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On April 5, 2010. Posted in Announcements