Chemistry Award winners announced

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On April 30, 2009

The following winners were announced at the Chemistry Award’s 2009 Spring Banquet held on April 24 at Sybill’s Restaurant in St. James:

— Outstanding Seniors: Brandi Clark, Joseph Kellogg, Martin McPhail and Matthew Porter
— 2008 Student, on behalf of The American Institute of Chemists Foundation: Martin McPhail    
— Outstanding Juniors: Megan Oldroyd, Annalise Pfaff and Alan Windhausen
— Outstanding Sophomores: Brandon Basler, Ashley Porter and Ryan Rader
— Outstanding Freshmen: Selin Acar, Dava Mentis and Ariel Mollhagen
— 2007 Freshman Chemistry Achievement, on behalf of CRC Press: Ariel Mollhagen
— Outstanding Performance of Teaching Assistants: Kyle Anderson, Joshua Carey, Isaac Stayton and Wenjia Zhang
— Excellence in Teaching 300-level: Dr. Shubhender Kapila and Dr. Thomas Schuman
— Excellence in Teaching 400-level: Dr. Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis and Dr. Klaus Woelk
— Wilbur Tappmeyer Excellence in Teaching Undergraduates: Dr. Cynthia Bolon
— W.K. Schrenk Society Outstanding Freshman of the Year: Ariel Mollhagen

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On April 30, 2009. Posted in Announcements