Show Me Shop updates

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On October 13, 2008

New prices files for Corporate Express and Office Max have been added to PeopleSoft eProcurement’s Show Me Shop and some processes have changed:

  • The new Corporate Express price file should fix recent units of measure issues for items such as copy paper, which may be purchased in reams or cases.
  • Users will need to slightly revise “search” methods to find items. Instead of performing an “exact” match, search for “similar items” on the site.
  • The part number less the 3-character alpha prefix will be loaded into a second field named “manufacturer #.” Users who have added Corporate Express items as favorites may need to reselect their favorite items due to this change.
  • An updated price list for Office Max was loaded on Friday. Any users who experienced price differences between Show Me Shop and the email acknowledgment may contact the sales representative Don Corwin at A credit will be issued.

For more information, contact campus procurement at 341-4266 or

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On October 13, 2008. Posted in Announcements