Introducing Healthy for Life: T.E. Atkins UM Wellness Program

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On September 25, 2008

Live Well, Be Well. As part of the University of Missouri family, your health and wellness are a top priority. Healthy for Life is proud to offer programs that focus on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and weight management, and we encourage your participation. Some of the programs available are:

  • Million Steps Pedometer Program
  • Weight Watchers At Work
  • Eat for Life
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Million Steps Pedometer Program

This fun and flexible program is designed to get you moving. The goal is to incorporate walking into your daily routine – whether it is shopping at the grocery store, doing housework or walking at work. A million might sound like a lot, but experts suggest walking 10,000 steps per day. If you do that, then you’ll be at your goal in approximately 100 days. Go at your own pace – no time limit applies.

Join by purchasing a $15 pedometer and a tracker to log your steps. When you reach one million steps, send in your log and get your money back, a certificate and a free T-shirt. Prizes will be awarded to those who continue to 2, 3, and 4 million.

Send a check made payable to Healthy for Life to Room 113 Centennial Hall, or contact Jerry Parmeley at or 341-7258.
Weight Watchers at Work

Only 15 interested people from each UM campus are needed to get started. Call soon if you want to be part of this class.

  • 13 weeks for $156 / 3-part payment is offered
  • Attend all but one class at work or at an off-site location and Healthy for Life will reimburse 25 percent of the program cost ($39 value)
  • Reimbursable through the Flexible Spending Account with appropriate medical documentation
  • Time and dates T.B.A.

To register or to receive more information, contact Parmeley at, call 341-7258 or visit him in Room 113 Centennial Hall (formerly University Center).

Eat for Life

This 10-week program uses eating awareness as the foundation for learning how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind and body. If you have a history of chronic dieting, have rigid “healthy” rules about eating or find yourself eating when you’re stressed, bored or unhappy, then this may be the program for you. Mind-body practices such as meditation and yoga can teach you to listen to the wisdom of the body for better health and well-being. Class size is limited.

  • Time and Dates: TBA

To register for class or to receive more information, contact Parmeley at, call 341-7258 or visit him in Room 113 Centennial Hall (formerly University Center).

Tobacco Cessation

Want to stop smoking or using tobacco? Health for Life offers regional cessation programs. Two programs are currently available in the Rolla area for S&T employees and eligible family members:

  • Telephone coaching is available if your insurance is through University of Missouri Coventry Health Care, you have unlimited calls and free nicotine replacement for yourself and eligible family members. Call 1-800-613-7721 for more information.
  • The class is also available online through the American Lung Association at

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This 8-week program will provide you with the tools to respond to the stresses of life with skill and creativity. Classes include instruction in formal mindfulness practices (sitting meditation, body scan, mindful yoga and walking meditation) and information about stress, communication and wellness. Participants will engage in group discussions in class and daily practice exercises outside of class that support applying awareness, skill and compassion to all aspects of work and personal life. Class size is limited.

  • The cost is $40 for materials. Attend nine of the 10 classes and you will receive a $20 refund.
  • Dates and Times: TBA

To register for class or to receive more information, contact Parmeley at, call 341-7258 or visit him in Room 113 Centennial Hall (formerly University Center).

Other Wellness Activities

Dance lessons, walking groups or brown bag lunches are just some of the wellness-based activities we can do at Missouri S&T if enough people show interest. Contact Parmeley with your ideas at or 341-7258.

Become a Wellness Ambassador

Sign up today to become part of the grassroots approach to spreading wellness across the campus. Healthy for Life offers great programs and resources to improve the lives and health of all employees, and you can help. No experience is necessary; all that is required is enthusiasm about helping make the workplace healthier and happier. Only a few minutes per month are needed to share information, post flyers or just to talk to co-workers in your building or department.

To register, receive more information or to request program flyers to post in your department, contact Parmeley at or 341-7258.


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