Changes coming to student parking permits – what you need to know

Posted by on February 19, 2019

Beginning next semester (Fall 2019), the student parking permits for some parking lots will be reserved for students who live in a residential hall. The residential areas and lots include:

  • Residential Commons 1: Students who live in Res Commons 1 will have priority for Lot H permits.
  • Residential Commons 2: Students who live in Res Commons 2 will have priority for Lot S permits.
  • University Commons: Students who live in University Commons will have priority for Lot N permits.
  • Miner Village: Students who live in Miner Village will have priority for Lot K permits.
  • Thomas Jefferson Hall: Students who live in T.J. will have priority for Lot T permits.

If you request a student permit for a residential lot and you do not live in the associated hall, your request will be given lower priority than residents.  However, you may request permits for up to 6 lots to increase your chances to secure a parking space.

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Parking permits to mail Monday

Posted by on July 18, 2018

If you accepted your parking permit and have not picked up your sticker, the parking operations staff will send all remaining permits out in campus mail Monday, July 23. If you made prior arrangements with the parking staff, they will follow the arrangements made. For more information, please contact the parking operations staff at 341-4303 or

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