Archives for December 23, 2016

New approach to water splitting featured in journal

Research by Dr. Manashi Nath, associate professor of chemistry, and colleagues was featured on the cover of the journal ChemSusChem (Chemistry & Sustainability Energy & Materials). The research examines a low-cost and energy efficient way to split water into its elements of hydrogen and oxygen, which would make hydrogen fuel a more viable energy source in the future.

Oboh-Ikuenobe speaks in Nigeria

Dr. Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe was one of two invited speakers featured at the Women in Geosciences and Engineering forum during the 34th annual meeting of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists in Lagos, Nigeria, on Nov. 16. Oboh-Ikuenobe is interim department chair of geosciences and geological and petroleum engineering. Her presentation addressed: 1) areas of focus for technical advancement for women geoscientists; 2) opportunities for professional women in light of low oil prices; and 3) strategies for expanding technical abilities.

Missouri S&T earns 12 awards in CASE competition

Missouri S&T received 12 awards for excellence in alumni magazines, video production, graphic design, digital publications, research publications, student recruitment publications, web and interactive marketing, and photography from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) during the joint conference of CASE District V and District VI held Dec. 11-13 in Chicago.

Huang to edit environmental sciences journal

Dr. Yue-Wern Huang, a professor of biological sciences, has been invited to serve as an editor of the Austin Environmental Sciences journal. Huang is serving as a co-editor of a special journal issue on development of drug delivery systems, which will be published by the Biomedical Research International journal. Huang also serves as a reviewer for the e-book proposal, “A Potential Application of Nanotechnology,” managed by Bentham Science Publishers.

Mormile appears on Science Channel

Dr. Melanie Mormile, professor of biological sciences and associate provost for faculty affairs, spoke about her research with salt crystals in a show that aired on the Science Channel in November. Mormile was featured in the “Alien Oceans” episode of Space’s Deepest Secrets.

Best Paper Award goes to Enke, Kim

Dr. David Enke, professor of engineering management and systems engineering, and Dr. Youngmin Kim, visiting post-doctoral fellow in engineering management and systems engineering, received the Best Paper Award in the application category at the 2016 Complex Adaptive System Conference, held Nov. 2-4 in Los Angeles. Their paper is titled “Using Neural Networks to Forecast Volatility for an Asset Allocation Strategy Based on the Target Volatility.”

McManus goes on air about Pearl Harbor attacks

Military historian Dr. John C. McManus, Curators’ Distinguished Professor of history, lent his expertise to reporters for articles commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks on Dec. 7. He was interviewed by Kelly Moffitt with St. Louis Public Radio for “75 Years Later: St. Louis Memories of the Pearl Harbor Attacks, the ‘Date Which will Live in Infamy.’” He was also quoted in “100,000 Put in Relocation Campus After 1941 Attack” by Lou Wilin in The Courier, based in Northwestern Ohio.

Blowing up Barbie — Essay examines explosives camp

In his new book, “Digging In: Further Collected Writings of Jay Nordlinger,” the National Review senior editor compiles essays. Originally published in the July 15, 2013, issue of National Review, Nordlinger’s book includes an essay about Missouri S&T’s explosives camp and Dr. Paul Worsey, professor of mining engineering and director of explosives education.