Learn to eat for health and enjoyment

Discover the benefits of this innovative approach to weight management through Healthy for Life’s Eat for Life course. This 10-week program uses mind-body practices (meditations and yoga), the principles of mindful and intuitive eating, skills training and group support to guide you in making lifestyle changes that will help you create a healthier relationship to your food, mind and body. If you have a history of chronic dieting, have rigid “healthy” rules about eating or find yourself eating when you’re stressed, bored or unhappy, this may be the program for you:

  • Online Orientation: week of May 31
  • Online Class: week of June 7 through week of Aug. 9
  • Cost: $50 for faculty, staff and family members ($25 refunded with full participation); $180 for community members

The program is taught by Dr. Lynn Rossy, health psychologist. Register by emailing Craig Deken.
For more information, watch informational videos.

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